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Guiding companies through the Human Factors & Usability Engineering Process, whilst ensuring world class user experience.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of Human Factors and Usability services, including constructing all regulatory documentation required by IEC2366-1/2 and the FDA. We conduct Formative and Summative Usability Testing as well as support companies earlier on in the design process to identify user needs and conduct exploratory research.

End-to-End Support

Whether you are at the start of your product development or midway through, we can help you to not only ensure that your devices are safe to use but also meet the needs of the intended users.

Our services span across early in-market research which includes Ethnography and Contextual Inquiries to assist in collecting user needs as well as conducting exploratory assessments to help identify the strengths and weakness of a concept.

We also help companies with the identification of use-related risks, the assigning of appropriate design controls, the writing of testable and technical user requirements to fuel design development and the validation of the effectiveness of controls to ensure the device is safe and meets the needs of the intended user.

Documentation we assist with:

  • Use Specification
  • User Interface Evaluation Plan
  • Use-Related Risk Analysis
  • User Interface Specification (Requirements)
  • Formative Protocols
  • Discussion Guides and Reports
  • Summative Protocols
  • Discussion Guides and Reports
  • HF/UE report (for FDA)

Our Areas of Expertise


We have worked within Orthopaedic surgery (including Trauma), Nerve Monitoring and Wound Therapy.

Combination Products

We have worked on a variety of body-worn or hand-held injectable devices such as Insulin pumps, Auto-injectors, Needle-Safety devices and other Drug transfer devices.

Software and Connected Devices

Our experience in this field ranges from connected health systems to software design for medical devices both on desktop applications and hand-held devices.

Medical Devices

We have extensive experience within the field of Radiotherapy, MRI, Dialysis and Airway Management.

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Your Consultancy For Human Factors For Medical Devices

Our Knowledge and Expertise

Our team is made up of experts in Human Factors, User Experience, Psychology, Design and Engineering.

Our Lab

Our state of the art, new viewing facility in Bristol can meet all of your usability testing needs. Book a tour today!

Our Accreditation

We are members of the Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics as well as the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

Our Partners

We partner with recruitment companies and local moderators globally to ensure we can assist you to recruit the right users to test your product whenever and wherever you need to.

Our Mentorship Program

In addition to our consulting services, we offer all of our clients long-term mentorship to assist them to integrate Human Factors and Usability into their Companies working practices and to provide support in building team's in-house.

Our work with BSI

We are CH/062/01 committee members helping refine and update British Standards to assist Medical Device Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Companies.